Q . What currency is used in Cyprus?

The national currency is TL (Turkish Lira) in the North (non-Euro Zone), and Euro in the South. However British Sterling, Rouble, Dollar, and other major currencies are also widely accepted throughout the island.

Q . What is the time period in Cyprus?

Two hours ahead of GMT.

Q . What is the electrical voltage?

250 volts - 3 pin UK style plugs.

Q . What type of weather can we expect?

A typical Mediterranean climate with long, warm and dry summers from May to mid-October and mild and wet winters from December to February. The short autumn and spring periods complete the seasons of the year. Summer in Northern Cyprus is a season of hot weather, high temperatures and cloudless sky, but the sea breeze make a pleasant atmosphere in coastal areas. The average rainfall of 402 mm, however, is below Mediterranean average, conforms more to the climate pattern of the eastern Mediterranean. Although snowfall is not typical of Cyprus, it can remain on the Troodos massif in the southern part.

Q . Will we be able to get something to eat when we arrive?

The resort`s Sunrise Restaurant & Bar, which operates in the months of April to October serves food until 22:00, 7 days a week. Booking a table in advance is advisable, prior to your arrival. A welcome package can also be made available in your accommodation for arrival. The bar is upon until late.

Q . How should I commute on the Island?

There are frequent bus services between the major towns during the day. Public transport becomes less scarce after 7pm and at weekends the services are less regular. Taxis are to be found at taxi stands only. The system of sharing a taxi with another passenger travelling to the same destination, "Dolmus" also operates widely in North Cyprus. Renting a car is an easy and cheap alternative.

Q . What are the Driving restrictions?

Driving is on the left (right hand vehicles), and most road signs are similar to Europe. Major road signs are both Turkish/Greek and English scripted.

Speed limits vary, the norm is 50 km/h on a normal inter-city road, 65 km/h on dual carriageways, 100 km/h on the motorway.

There is a drink/driving law and speed cameras. All documents relating to the car and/or hire should be carried in the vehicle. It is also advisable to carry your driving license with you as well. Minimum age for car hire is 25 years.

Q . Can we drive over the border with our hire car?

Due to Greek Law, car hire from the North cannot drive over the border to the South of Cyprus.